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Ungenius Gallery

8 Dec

Here are some ungenius offerings from my travels in the last week or three.

The Long Walk to Fiction?

Bookshop Misfile

Local bookshop files 'Long Walk to Freedom For Kids' in the fiction section.

I would express some good old-fashioned non-fiction annoyance if I had spent that many actual years in prison, only to have my memoirs classed as fictional.

World’s Ugliest Cushion

Ugly Cushion

Even cat lovers should be offended

World’s ugliest cushion found unharmed in rural Cape surrounds.

What’s in the cake anyway?

Choc WHAT??


The restaurant that we chose for our office Christmas party seems to have been hit pretty hard by the recession if they’ve resorted to these kinds of ingredients. [A concerning aside: there was little or no choc mousse in the cake when it came, which makes me wonder whether this actually was a misspelling…]


Tribute to Ugliness

2 Mar

Homer Simpson's car design‘The Homer’ is a car designed by Homer Simpson, ugly and undesirable enough to have sunk a fellow cartoon-character’s successful motor company (I think it has a certain pizazz).

Somehow, car companies in the not-cartoon world manage to out-ugly The Homer without matching its flair. These are my top 3 from the last little while:
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