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Student Spelling: Zero Understanding

15 Nov

I’ve shared beautiful spelling errors from my students before, but I think this one is my favourite:


No understanding…



6 Apr

In recessionary times, luxuries such as proofreading are often the first things cut from the budget. I’m sure a price-per-word supplier could have looked over these two lines. It is the store front after all. Especially pertinent, seeing as shop owners surely don’t want to encourage passers-by to use crowbars on their store.

"I can't explain it, Al; even though we both know they don't carry cash in there, something inside me just HAS to come back here tonight and prise this place rite open."

Student Spelling is Sheet

25 Apr

Another sheet

Second-language English throws up some linguistic beauties from time to time, such as this one that I received recently (informing me that the answer was written on the attached sheet).