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Interlude: Microsoft Instructions

20 Mar

While hunting for help on working with MS Excel add-ins, I learned that I needed to both install the add-in and load it in Excel. But is there an add-ins button somewhere? Do you have to load it from one of the menus? I foolishly went to Microsoft for instructions. I regret that every time. Why is it that one always has to go to bloggers or techie sites to find out how to use Microsoft products?

I suppose I should know better than to expect sense out of a company that released the ruinous Windows Vista and Office 2007 to the paying public in the same year.


Microsoft .Nuts

4 Apr

I’m not a computery type. I don’t know what Microsoft’s ‘.net framework’ does and I don’t spend much time worrying about it, but I have had a couple of run-ins with it over this weekend.

Firstly, I bought an external drive that required .net framework 3.5 SP1 for its backing up software to work, but after helpfully including it on the drive, the installer failed to work. So I downloaded the ‘Setup’ file from the net, which is one of those encouraging but useless files that finishes downloading quickly, but instead of installing anything, clicking it merely starts the download of the real file. Or, at least it should. The second-phase download wouldn’t work.

So, trying again, I went for the sensible ‘standalone’ file, which now comes in 4.0 flavour, but promises to build upon earlier versions. After installing that, I tried the hard-drive again, but it still insisted upon version 3.5. Fortunately, having 4.0 at least talked some sense into the bundled version of 3.5, and it installed itself after that.

My second run-in happened when I tried installing GMinder — some Google-calendar-managing app. It requires .net framework 2.0. Even though I installed 4.0, it was 2.0 or nothing.

Microsoft says 4.0 is backwards compatible, but that it gets tripped up by little conflicts here and there. How is that different to not backwards compatible? You’d think that a company that’s been making software since we were rocking our Ataris and ZX Spectrums would have nailed that by now.

Quick Install?

29 Nov

Hating on Microsoft is like shooting fish in a barrel: it is a waste of time and it puts bullet holes in perfectly good barrels. Nevertheless, having recently decided to upgrade our creaking and toothless MS Office 2000 with its shiny great-grandchild, I was reminded again of what fruitful grumping territory Microsoft is for us serial grumps. And there’s nothing quite like freshly shot fish. Continue reading

Excel not so Excellent

14 May

Why did Microsoft ever release a version of Excel that doesn’t have one of these puppies? Why, oh WHY??

A major flaw in Excel's safety options