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Wrong sort of cup

27 Sep

Here’s a super pic of some of the Manchester United lads enjoying their training.


For some reason, they’re wearing monogrammed sports bras on the outside of their kit. Is it some strange reboot of the Superman undies-on-the-outies phenomenon? Are they Wonderbros? Does it come in a push up?


United with Man United Boss

27 Oct

Alex FergusonWhile we usually find ourselves differing in opinion, Sir Alex Ferguson and I technically agree about something! With World Cup star Wayne Rooney publicly announcing his decision to leave Manchester United, but then reversing his decision after concluding that 180,000 pounds a week solves his moral problems with the club, Sir Alex said the following:

‘I think he [Rooney] has realised the enormity of Manchester United.’

Man U is a big club to be sure, but enormity technically means:

  • noun: an act of extreme wickedness
  • noun: the quality of extreme wickedness
  • noun: vastness of size or extent (“In careful usage the noun enormity is not used to express the idea of great size”)
  • noun: the quality of being outrageous (Source: onelook.com)

Alex probably meant to perpetuate the popular confusion of ‘enormity’ and ‘enormousness’, but he’s technically right too. Enormity is certainly how I would describe the aptly named ‘Red Devils’.