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Horses… So majestic, so gracef… WHAT THE?

3 May

Horses are supposed to be the epitome of grace and power and majesty in the animal kingdom. They’re one Narwhal horn away from full-on mythical-beast status.

Mythical-beast status can also be achieved with a little glossy-mag Photoshop work

(Me? I prefer donkeys.)

But not all horses have got the memo. Some horses got less grace and more dork. Here are four gifs of horse klutzes.


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Playing with Fire [8 Pics]

1 Dec

I know that being on fire is undesirable, and so one is inclined to feel sorry for people who are. On rare occasions, however, it is possible to see the funny side of it. Here are some of those occasions.



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Jerk Animals [10 pics]

26 Oct

A park ranger once famously told Marge Simpson that sometimes animals are just jerks.

I am a collector of animated gifs (mostly from the fine people at, and here’s some that prove that park ranger correct. [Warning: biggish file sizes. More below the jump].

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