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Effing Ylvis

4 Jan

Ning-ning-ning etc.

I have nothing against Ylvis. Apart from having my kids insist that I play them an Ylvis / Katy Perry (Roar) double-header, they have done me no wrong.

Given that Ylvis are meant to be comedians, I thought that their song ‘What Does the Fox Say?’ was daft and (surprisingly) a little unfunny, but there’s no accounting for what pleases the internet.

But then I noticed that they only say ‘What does the fox say?’ half the time. For the rest they say, ‘What the fox say?’ which is inexplicable unless…

The Sex Pistols famously emphasised the wrong syllable of words such as ‘significant’ in order to imply a nasty swearword on public radio. I wonder if Ylvis didn’t come up with this song merely to amuse themselves with the knowledge that they’re getting away with repeatedly saying WTF in a song adored by preschoolers.

It at least explains how it functions as comedy on a level besides being plain bizarre.