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Asking for it, VW

14 Apr

VW has recently launched their ‘One Thing’ ad campaign in which they invite viewers to identify the one person that they would kiss for life, if they could choose only one. I saw it once on TV and thought it must be a silly mistake, but it was on again just now. I see they also have an international website devoted to it:

With a very informative poll

With a very informative poll

Believe it or not, their objective has not been merely to discover that a small majority consider ‘My Wife’ to be the answer to that question (and I don’t give VW permission to let others kiss my wife in any case). Rather, they use it as an introduction to the equally significant question: ‘If you could only drive one car for the rest of your life, which would it be?’

Now here’s where I have problems with this particular strategy. Chevrolet made the same mistake in a recent ad for one of their soulless sedans in which they claimed that the driver of said vehicle was now driving ‘the car of his dreams’. A Chevrolet? All I got out of that ad was that its protagonist must have woken up in tears every morning, such was the quality of his dreams.

And so it is with VW’s effort. If they ask me which car I’d choose if I could have only one for the rest of my life, what are the odds I’m going to choose a Golf? Almost nil, unless I have crippling imagination failure. They’re solid little all-rounders, but my first choice? Forever?

All such ads do is invite me to think of a hundred cars that I’d rather have instead of theirs, and I can’t imagine how it would have any other effect even on viewers less cynical than I.

Well done, Marketing Team.