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Scholars are Morons

9 Dec

Here are two quotes from a page of the social sciences that I’m being forced to read:

‎The language of liminal culture is characterised by a ‘dialectic of culture and identification’ that has neither binary nor hierarchical clarity. Its speech is disjunctive and multiaccentual.


It features ‘minimal rationality’ as a dialogic process that ‘attempts to track displacements and realignments that are the effects of cultural antagonisms and articulations — subverting the rationale of the hegemonic moment and relocating alternative, hybrid states of cultural negotiation.’

Clever people are sometimes the stupidest.


Playing with Fire [8 Pics]

1 Dec

I know that being on fire is undesirable, and so one is inclined to feel sorry for people who are. On rare occasions, however, it is possible to see the funny side of it. Here are some of those occasions.



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