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Hav a Hapy Shoping Spre

12 Jun

Spoted on Yahoo’s News site:

That’s some negligent profreading right there. What is hapening to gramar these days? Are we loosing our minds?


Zuma art classified as NPU 16N

1 Jun

Don’t take your kids to see the Zuma Spear painting that no longer exists, not only because it no longer exists, but also because no persons under 16 will be allowed to go and see the painting that isn’t there. Also, don’t let them go on the internet, because they might see the stylised representation of a penis on copies of the Zuma painting. Or they might google any of the naughty words or body parts that they know, and get five million pictures of actual pornography.

This warning has been posted on, just to keep your kids safe from other porn: