Perception Problems

3 Mar

Man! Does that guy have really huge thumbs, or what??!!

I don’t care much about cellphones, but my last one was breaking in a few ways and I was due a contract renewal, so I spent three-quarters-of-an-hour filling out forms today so that I could claim myself a new one.

For what it’s worth, cell companies seem to be the only people who can advertise a product in their catalogue and take orders for it without having any stock or any realistic expectation of getting any. So I had asked for an HTC of some kind and sat waiting for it for 3 weeks (3 weeks!) only to find out that the store has no idea if they still exist or if any are coming. So I got what they had in stock: a Sony X10 Mini-Pro.

When I suggested that I’d like it, the store lady said, ‘It’s very small.’ Later she said twice, ‘Are you sure you want this phone? You can’t bring it back.’

Some store patron struck up conversation with me specifically to say to me that he figured the phone was too small to be useable (he’s waiting for the HTC).

Well, if I’d spent two or three times the money, I could have chosen a Blackberry of some kind, and people (at least in this country) would have thought it was awesome. You would too; go on, admit it.

It is a much, much bigger phone. The Blackberry Curve 8520 stands at 109x60mm (according to GSM Arena). The mini little X10 Mini Pro is really mini at only 90x52mm. Look at its piffling stature versus the glorious magnitude of the Blackberry (to scale):

And yet, if you forget that Sony calls it ‘Mini’, and just correct the perception difficulties that you’ve been experiencing up til now, you might notice something interesting:


Small phone on the top, big phone on the bottom

That’s right, the small phone has a keyboard of almost 90mm wide, and the big phone just less than 60mm. The small phone has a 2.55 inch screen size, whereas the big phone has a 2.46 inch screen.

In other words, the small phone is economical, not small, and lumbering Blackberrys are merely not using their space as well. The X10 is only Mini if you’re holding it the wrong way up. I suppose Sony have themselves to blame for emphasising in the name what it lacks, but I am the grateful beneficiary of their discounted, readily available product…


I’m a couple of weeks in, and must add that I love this phone. No complaints have arisen, and I have no idea why anyone ever criticised it for being not user-friendly (they did). I laugh in pitying scorn everytime I see someone with a BlackBerry.


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