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Margarine for Morons

28 Jan

I just saw an ad for Rama margarine that is a definite signpost on the road to a new dark ages.

It opens with a mother and daughter dashing in after a school run or whatever, and the mum says, “Being number one is important to my daughter…”. The girl in the ad is about three. What three-year-old in a non-abusive home even has a concept of crushing one’s competitors?

Failing to improve things, the mother continues, “South Africans have made Rama the number one selling maragarine, that’s why I only buy Rama etc.” I.e. her purchasing decisions are motivated primarily (perhaps exclusively) by a product’s popularity.


Rama: for people whose minds can be blown by spaghetti

So Rama is for people who live vicariously through their traumatised kids and follow the herd? Does an over-consumption of polyunsaturated fats consume one’s soul?

Mmmm. Sign me up.