Men’s Clinic and your happier child

8 Mar

vitruvian manI’m watching football (the kind for which players use their feet, if any Americans stray onto this page), and so naturally there are advertisements about ‘men’s issues’. [Is there a preponderance of tampon ads during Oprah?]

An ad caught my attention, because Men’s Clinic had recently played their typical sort of ad, but this ad began using a remarkably similar style (the voice-over and such) . Interestingly, the opening scene showed a picture of a sad, scared little girl, whose problems, says the ad, are related to bad choices on the part of her dad, choices such as alcohol, smoking, cocaine or whatever it is that makes the Men’s Clinic list.

Uh oh, I thought, this is a Men’s Clinic ad. How are they going to make the transition from domestic abuse to erectile dysfunction. And you know what? They didn’t. Who needs actual connections between the things we say? someone at the office might have said. The ad just went:

Post-traumatic-stress girl  >  Bad choices like alcohol & smoking  >  Stress  >  Bad penis

Apart from the fact that ads knocking the excessive use of alcohol often feature sad children, the abused girl serves no purpose whatsoever, except to vaguely hint that sorting out your occasional floppiness will somehow make you nicer to junior.


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