Five Things We’ve Learned From the Indian Cricket Tour

21 Jan

Commentators still succumb to hubris.
Commentators who have apparently watched the game of cricket before (yes you, Manthorp) still make comments as though the game is utterly predictable. For example, someone announced before the test series that both teams’ batting line-ups are too good to be bowled out twice (they most certainly were not), and within 15 overs of a 50-over run chase that South Africa lost, they were already speaking of South Africa ‘cantering to an easy victory’.

SABC 3 is mystifyingly irrational.
Our national broadcaster is often unprofessional, but I can’t really understand the thinking behind the coverage of day-night games. The game time conflicts with the usual schedule — obviously — which has led to them moving the daily soap opera and the news a half hour earlier so that the cricket can be broadcast. Yet having already moved everything to try to accommodate the cricket, they then fail to accommodate the cricket by refusing to alter to length of either programme so that it over-runs the start of the innings by about 20 minutes (usually, I might add, one of the most interesting periods of any game). I know soap operas have hardly any fat in the plot that one could trim, but surely…

If you’re going to have middle-order batsmen who aren’t scoring runs, you might as well have Mark Boucher.
For some reason,  the Proteas management seems to have decided to try out as many inexperienced players as they can in preparation for a World Cup??!! AB de Villiers is not a genuine keeper, and if our level of panic and chaos in our batting on home pitches is anything to go by, we will certainly need players of Boucher’s experience at a World Cup in India. Furthermore, de Villiers is a good fielder, and our current crop of replacements clearly aren’t. Boucher behind the stumps and de Villiers in the outfield where he belongs.

South African fielders used to be the best in the World.
Used to be.

Getting women involved in the production is admirable, but they need to find some different women.
Claire Cowan is a nice lady, but when she gets excited, her voice has a little too much of Lloyd Christmas’ Most Annoying Sound in the World.

Most Annoying Noise in the World

Most Annoying Sound in the World

Secondly, the pop-vox-segment lady with the weird name who interviews people in the crowd is desperately desperately dull — I have to go and do something else until she’s gone. There aren’t that many people worth speaking to in the crowd. I didn’t really sign up to watch the people who are watching the cricket.

So if you could all implement my changes for next time, that’d be great. Thanks.

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