How not to sell stuff

1 Oct

I’ve been shopping the classifieds lately, and as an ex-designer, I’d like to think that I know a bit about presentation. A good photograph, for example, can make all the difference. I find it hard to understand the thinking behind a photo like this:

Golf Ad

Now the thing that’s for sale here is not the meth lab, it’s the golf clubs. They’re just behind the fishing rod, and next to the pile of industrial waste.  They’re mostly cut off at the top there – it’s intentional, I’m sure. Of course, you can’t see what clubs you’re buying, what’s in the set, what condition they’re in… You pretty much can’t see anything that has anything to do with anything that you’re supposed to be paying for.

A good selling policy: if you’re not showing the product, you should be selling the lifestyle. Which is this one again?


Exciting Update!

(Note: Not really an update)

In shopping for a bike to replace my monster BMW (which sadly is not suited for the occasional ride to the shops that will be my lot from now on), I came across this ad, which utterly boggles the mind:

Worst Photo Ever TM

Worst Photo Ever TM

I have not — I repeat not — done anything to this photo. This was entirely the work of the advertiser. I was not aware that anyone made cameras so incapable of recording images. I’ve hand-made more successful pin-hole cameras than this. In an age when nearly everyone’s phone, music-playing device and microwave oven all sport better cameras than this — even ignoring the fact that many people also have cameras — this is inexcusable.

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