Angel Anger

18 Aug

Some stranger just emailed me this. Well this is the shorter, less annoying version. And I removed the dozens of fwd panes for your viewing pleasure:

angel sighting

have faith

That flare at the bottom is apparently an angel, although there’s clearly some Irish Catholic influence here, what with Leprechaun confusion going on. I don’t think angels are duty-bound to give you diddly squat just because you caught one. As likely to strike you with blindness as anything.

There seemed only one kind response to this email (because sometimes love must be tough), so I replied:

I don’t think I know you, and I’m not sure how I got on your address book, but do you seriously send this stuff to people that you like?

In any case, angels are messengers, so I doubt that one would take the trouble to reveal itself, and then just lark about with nothing to say in a cathedral in the hope that someone photographs it.

Forward this to all your friends, and in 8 minutes no one will slap you behind the ear.


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