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Remind me of this…

3 Jun

Insurance is one of those painful necessities, and so there is a likelihood that in the distant future something will cause me to reconsider my insurance provider. There is a mathematical chance that I will have sustained a degree of brain damage by then, or perhaps they’ll be making an offer that I really shouldn’t refuse, but one way or another, I might be persuaded to consider employing Outsurance. If we’re still friends, and if you should hear me considering them out loud, please show me this:

Outsurance atrocities

Outsurance atrocities

The beauty of this is that it is not just an isolated internet banner ad. It is an entire campaign — a campaign presumably intended to make us want to invest money with Outsurance. It is not (as far as I know) a clever trick by the competition to attempt to drive customers away from Outsurance and into their clutches.

The campaign features a series of ads about how ‘John’ has failed to phone Outsurance when the neighbours have done so, and have got such super service, which causes John’s uppity caregiver / abusive daughter to shout at him. So the concept is poor, because it certainly doesn’t make me want to avoid John’s predicament by getting Outsurance, it makes me want to avoid John’s neighbourhood.

Execution? I assume the appeal is supposed to be based on humourous facial expressions. This fails because: A) I am not five; B) the brain damage hasn’t happened yet; and C) if there are facial expressions that are funny, the Outsurance ones are not on the list. What they’ve achieved is cringeworthy and annoying.

People in our country are always picketing about something. Why can’t it be something important for once, like getting rid of depressingly rubbish ads.