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Quod Erat Demonstrandum

28 Apr

Diesel's Be Stupid Campaign

I’ve always thought that Diesel must be capitalising upon a certain quality in their target audience. Now they’ve simply spelled it out.

She has balls down there? They really are playing up the stupid...

Of course, when they say stupid, they actually mean risky and creative, which has little to do with actual stupidity. They mean stupid like Enron or Lehman Brothers; you know, risky, impulsive, clever stupid. Hmm… Given the financial crisis, I guess that is actual stupidity. Idiots buying Diesel t-shirts for far too many hundreds of bucks on their eighth credit card haven’t helped either.


The ‘I was the only contestant’ Award

16 Apr

The sentence ‘Winner of Product Of The Year in the Cereal category’ is ungenius. Am I supposed to be impressed? It’s like, ‘Of the people in this side of the room who are between the ages of 33 and 35 and who limp slightly, you are the most beautiful’. Damning with feint praise is actually accompanied by a trophy now.

Voight and LaBeouf make a bong?

10 Apr

When I’m homesick, nothing picks me up like the construction of pot-smoking devices. At least notes that Shia and Jon were able to manufacture one of high quality.

Shia and Jon forge a high quality bong

Crazy Fruit Juice Ad

7 Apr

Liquifruit has insisted for years that their product contains nothing but fruit. On the evidence of this ad, they’re putting a little something-something in there too. [Explanatory subtitles version]

Liquifruit Video Mock