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Sleeping Around is Sleeping Around

6 Mar

Floyd Shivambu tries to explain the inexplicable

Classic ungenius from 2009. South African youth-league politician, Floyd Shivambu, tries to explain what they meant when they stupidly claimed that opposition party leader, Helen Zille, was ‘sleeping around’ with her ‘comcombines’ (i.e. her male cabinet ministers).

Being a ‘fight fire with fire’ kind of guy, Floyd tries to combat their original artless stupidity with stupidity of a significantly stronger brew.


Tribute to Ugliness

2 Mar

Homer Simpson's car design‘The Homer’ is a car designed by Homer Simpson, ugly and undesirable enough to have sunk a fellow cartoon-character’s successful motor company (I think it has a certain pizazz).

Somehow, car companies in the not-cartoon world manage to out-ugly The Homer without matching its flair. These are my top 3 from the last little while:
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