Prison Break 1

11 Jan

Wentworth's grumpy face

Prison Break 1 was great, no doubt. OK, so Wentworth made excessive use of the furrowed brow, but it was compelling stuff.

I just can’t figure one thing out [I take it the show is old enough for the plot spoilers that follow]. In episodes 6 and 7, Fox River Prison breaks out in a riot, and Dr Sarah ‘Love Interest’ McReady is stuck in the infirmary in grave danger of being seriously abused by frenzied patients. So Scofield scurries his way through the air-vents above and pulls her to eventual safety.

My problem is this. Scofield’s oft-foiled plan is to get into the infirmary and to clamber over the nearby prison wall by means of a rope. His original plan to enter the infirmary is thwarted, and so he devises an impossibly complicated replacement one, which involves getting into the infirmary via the loony bin and the freshly torched guardroom, and the criminalisation of his girlfriend. Why on earth did they not just get in there the same way that he got Sarah out during the riot? It seemed to be a fairly straight-forward walk over there in the roof. Any thoughts?


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